Best Telescope under 200

The best telescopes are not always the most expensive, as each person has the perfect option for their needs. In this article, we have evaluated more than twenty options to choose the best telescope under 200 $, so you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy a telescope.

Our pick of the best telescope under 200 in this case is the celestron powerseeker 127EQ telescope. There are many reasons why this telescope is our top choice. You are going to learn and understand just what makes it so favourable when compared with the rest of the telescopes.

The very first reason why this is our best pick among the others is that this particular telescope targets amateur astronomers who have a great passion in observation and who are looking forward to buying their first telescope. This telescope provides them with just the right tool to observe the sky. They sure are beautiful to observe with naked eyes alone and so you can imagine what you would get by using this powerful device.

The celestron powerseeker 127EQ are of high quality and design. Their outlook is inviting not to talk of their ability. The company that makes these telescopes, the celestron company, has had a great experience of about 50 years in the field of telescopes.

Their quality has been consistent over the years and they have kept on improving. This particular version of theirs is not only good quality but is also quite affordable. In this review, the main thing that we have in mind is the price. This is because the article is focused on you the buyer and what is most affordable for you. Coming in at under 200, the celestron powerseeker 127EQ telescope worth for money in comparison to what quality it gives the user.

There are more features of the celestron powerseeker 127EQ telescope that you will learn of in the course of this article and get a better understanding about it. This is the best telescope under 200 you can get at such a price.

Our Top Choices

Aperture (mm)12780701508013011470
Aperture (inch)53.152.765.913.
Focal length10009004001200910650450900
Focal Ratio8116811.453.913
Resolution (less is better)0,911,451.660.771.450.891.021.66
Highest Useful Magnification300189166355189307270166
Weight aprox (lbs)21173.3356301417


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    Celestron powerseeker 127EQ

Coming in at number one, the celestron powerseeker 127 EQ telescope is the best telescope under 200 that of a number of people. With this being the case, it as well comes with excellent quality that is sure to fascinate and amaze you. It is a Newtonian reflector telescope meaning that it uses mirrors to gather light and reflect the image for a clear viewing by the user.

It has a 127mm aperture (5 inches) which is a very good size for a starter to view the heavenly bodies and planets easily. However the aperture is not enough to ensure that you get the best view. Other optical elements of the telescope are also quite necessary to ensure that you get to view the heavenly bodies clearly. The optical elements that make up the celestron powerseeker 127EQ are made from glass that is fully coated with high transmission reflective aluminium to give more detail and refinement.

From the telescope’s name EQ, it comes with an equatorial mount designed for astronomy telescopes. A telescope is as good as the mount it uses as this helps to ensure that the user is able to clearly view the heavenly bodies that are present.


  • It has high quality optics. This enable the user to view the sky clearly.
  • It is competitively priced. Coming in under $200, this telescope has a great price for the right quality.
  • It is easy to put together and assemble.


  • Needs a bit of experience aligning the telescope (collimation)
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     Celestron powerseeker 80EQ telescope

is also a great fit for amateur level astronomers who would want to observe the sky and its beautiful features. This being a product of the celestron company, you would expect nothing less than quality. It is made with a variety of great features that are sure to excite you and convince you into purchasing this great and powerful telescope.

In order to shed more light on just what the powerseeker telescope is and what it can do, you can check out a few specs that we have analysed of this spectacular telescope. To start us off, the celestron powerseeker 80EQ telescope has an 80mm (3.15 inches) aperture and a 900mm (35 inches) focal length.

In addition, this best telescope under 200 also has two eyepieces, each of 45X and 225X magnifications respectively. The crystal clear images that are delivered by this telescope are enhanced using the Barlow lenses which have great magnification power. The optical glass elements are fully coated just like the other celestron powerseeker telescopes. This is usually a safety feature that they have to prevent damages.

From the name again, EQ, this telescope comes with the German equatorial mount which in real essence provides stability during usage by the astronomer.


  • This telescope offers brighter, sharper and crystal clear images.
  • Its features allows the astronomer to view the deep sky and observe detailed bodies.
  • It comes with a dew shield which protects the telescope from dew.
  • It is straight forward to assemble and thus requires the usage of little to no tools at all.
  • It is competitively priced and thus affordable to most astronomers. You can get this telescope for less than $100.


  • It has a lightweight tripod which when extended all the way can become a bit unsteady.
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     Celestron travel scope 70 portable telescope

Judging from the name alone, Celestron travel scope 70 portable telescope, is a good fit for those astronomers who would love to travel around while at the same time observing the sky and its bodies. With its portable nature, one can easily dismantle it and package in a bag then mount it whenever needed. It is quite flexible and easy to assemble and this is why this best telescope under 200 is specifically made for traveling around with.

with a 2.76-inch aperture. Its focal length comes in at 40mm with a focal ratio of f/5.7. In addition, this telescope has two eyepieces of 10mm and 20mm respectively. The best feature of this telescope as you may have already noticed is its portability nature. It is well-suited for astronomers who love to travel around and at the same time would want to have their telescopes as companions. It comes pre-assembled and thus there would be no need to struggle with the manual in regards to the assembly process.

The 2.76 inch aperture is well suited for a telescope this size and it enables the user to get crystal clear and bright images whenever they are viewing heavenly bodies. It comes with a great backpack that is useful in carrying everything that you would need to use when transporting the telescope.

This best telescope under 200 fits quite well in the backpack and thus provides an easy way of moving around with it. Everything that you use with the telescope conveniently fits in the backpack including the tripod stand. This way you don’t have to hustle and struggle on how you would carry the telescope.

The celestron travel scope 70 also offers high and low power eye pieces which gives an option to choose from in regards to the body that you’re viewing in the sky. This is important as different bodies have different sizes and thus observing them would be dependent on the type of magnification power they require.


  • It is portable. One important feature about this telescope is its portability which enables astronomers to carry it around wherever and whenever they want to go.
  • It comes with a sky x software which offers tutorials on the basics of astronomy for beginners.
  • It is competitively priced. Coming in at $60, the celestron travel scope 70 is pocket friendly and absolutely valuable for the kind of features that it comes with.


  • It is quite simple and doesn’t have complex features for advanced astronomy.
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      Orion skyquest XT6 Dobsonian

This Orion sky quest XT6 Dobsonian is a dobsonian telescope, and it is a little bit different from the rest of the other best telescope under 200, that people are used to starting with. It is able to draw in a good amount of light when being used thus improving the clarity of images produced and their brightness too. It is a good telescope to view the deep sky including the stars and planets that are far away from the earth.

From its name, it is a ground mounted telescope thus the name Dobsonian. It is easy and straight forward to use for most astronomers save for a few who would require the usage of a manual which it indeed comes with. It uses a Newtonian reflector which simply means that light is reflected into the eye piece rather than being refracted through mirrors as is the case with the olden Galileo instruments.

This telescope enables you to view finer details that you would not be able to see with a smaller scope. You can thus see clearly the rings of Saturn or even the eye of Jupiter which is a fascinating thing come to think of it. One interesting fact about this telescope is also that it can be easily transported around without much hustle. It is quite portable and can be carried in the car together with camping equipment in case you are going out on camping. This way you can be able to view night body features wherever and whenever.


  • It is able to give finer details of heavenly bodies.
  • It can be carried around easily as compared to other Dobsonian telescopes.
  • It is competitively priced at the quality that it offers.
  • It is dedicated to both the beginners and the pros.
  • It is easy to put together and assemble.


  • It lacks the magnification factor of the more professional telescopes.
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    Orion starblast 4.5 Astro reflector telescope

Coming in at the 5th position for the best telescope under 200, the Orion star blast 4.5 Astro  is a pretty handy and well-designed telescope that is sure to impress any astronomer. Even though this telescope is made for beginners, its accuracy and power can be something that fascinates even the professional astronomers.

It is actually a great tool for parents who would want to teach their children about the heavenly bodies that are present and can be a great gift to give to someone who has had interest in astronomy to begin with. It performs best under brighter deep sky conditions since it is a reflective telescope. If the night sky is too dark then it would be a bit of a challenge to view heavenly bodies.

It has a 114mm aperture glass with a low thermal expansion borosilicate glass lens which is capable of focusing light with increased precision. It makes use of parabolic optics being a reflector telescope and has a focal length of 450mm and a focal ratio of f/40. Using this best telescope under 200, you would be able to observe the moon and other celestial objects vividly and with high resolution.

With its compact design, you can be able to place it anywhere while using it. It has a stable Azimuth table top base which makes it convenient to place on most surfaces.

In addition, the telescope is light which makes it easy to carry around when on motion to different places. Its portability enables astronomers to easily carry the telescope when they travel or go camping so that they can still observe the sky wherever and whenever.


  • Can be mounted on most surfaces due to its stable Azimuth base.
  • It is specifically made for beginners.
  • It is competitively priced to suit most pockets.
  • It is easy to assemble and use.
  • It is portable and easy to move around with.


  • Takes a lot of time for the collimation process.


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The Analysis for the best telescope under 200

If you need some help to understand all the aspects for buying a telescope we recommend our Telescope buying guide.

Having looked the detailed reviews for each products, it is important to analyse them in general in order to get to understand which one would fit your tastes and preferences. In this case, you will get to know which telescope is best for you depending on the different categories that are going to be featured in this article. The following criteria will be used in ranking and evaluating the individual telescopes:

  • Range price.
  • Ease of set up.
  • Ease of use.
  • What I can see.
  • Features (specs)
  • What was our criteria for the review?


What was our criteria for the review?

For this article, the focus was on the best telescopes for beginners with tight budget. This means that the first thing to consider was the price of the telescope before anything else. Highly priced telescopes were not considered since they would cost the astronomer so much while they have just a little to begin with. The following was considered keenly when choosing the best telescope under 200 to be reviewed.

Range price

As stated earlier, the price for the best telescope under 200 was a major determining factor in this article. The telescopes that are here, had to be first of all price efficient before anything else. Basically the amount that is charged on any product determines how many people would be able to afford it. Again, these telescopes are for beginners who just want to start their adventure about the sky.

Very few of the beginners would have the money to buy expensive telescopes just to try out. Most would be willing to only spend on the cheaper ones they can afford to start with. Of course for the pros, they can buy almost anything without having to worry since they already know what’s worth and what’s not unlike the beginners who are on trial and error basis.

Therefore, the telescopes that have been featured in this review are the ones that cost on average $200 and less which is quite affordable to beginners as opposed to the other high end telescopes that are present in the market. For example, the celestron travel scope 70 portable telescope is an excellent fit for beginners who have a tight budget as you can get for under $100 and enjoy the features that it presents.


Ease of set up -best telescope under 200

The ease of set up is also something to keenly consider since the target is beginners. Beginners wouldn’t want something complex that is hard to put together since it would not only be challenging but also stressful to them. They would want something that is easy to assemble on delivery or something that comes pre-assembled and ready to use.

Assembly process can be very difficult especially if one doesn’t have the right experience. In this case if one does not have skills in the handling of telescopes, it would be hard to put together a complex telescope even with the availability of a manual. Thus the best type of telescope for those who are just beginning is the one that is easy to set up and does not require much instructions to use. This way it can be easy to begin using it without much hustle. The celestron travel scope 70 portable telescope for example comes pre-assembled and ready to use thus does not require much setting up after purchase.


Ease of use

Usage varies depending on the type of best telescope under 200 that you buy. There are those telescopes that are easy to use and those that are complex in usage. Both the two are made with consideration of the users. Complex telescopes are meant for pros and experienced astronomers who have learnt about astronomy in detail and are ready to go further in learning. They would be able to use these complex features that are made for them to observe finer details of heavenly bodies present.

For those who are just beginning astronomy, then the less complex easy to use telescopes would work best for them, in ensuring that they get an easy time learning and understanding heavenly bodies. This is because their knowledge on heavenly bodies is limited and thus they would just want to observe the simple details that they are aware about. Some of these easy to use telescopes even come with a tutorial software that shows the user how to begin and how to use the telescope. This gives basic understanding and knowledge that is necessary to operate the telescope and even gain experience.


What I can see

In this case, the best telescopes under 200 that have been featured are the ones that are easy to predict and determine in terms of what an average user can see. Beginners would want something straight forward that is not too hard to predict and has features that are straight forward. The telescopes that are reviewed here have just that as their features do not require the constant reference to a manual in order to understand and use. They are easy to find and also use thus favourable for those who are just beginning in the field of astronomy.


Features (specs)

Different telescopes have different features and specifications on them. The more the price and complexity of a telescope the more the features present. The number of features on a telescope would make sense to different people depending on their knowledge and experience or even just preferences.

Experienced astronomers and pros would want to use a telescope that is not only expensive but is also filled with a variety of features. These features are the ones that make the telescope expensive in real essence. Such telescopes with many great features are again complicated to use and operate since they have specs that only the pros can relate to. If given to a beginner, it would become challenging for them to use since their scope of understanding is limited.

It is therefore the less expensive telescopes that have less features which are favourable to the newbies in the astronomy field. These features are easy to comprehend and wouldn’t require much usage of a manual in order to achieve the results. These are the kind of telescopes that beginners would love to own as they are not only easy to use but are also affordable to their pockets.

The telescopes that have been featured in this review article considered the above criteria thus fitting in the budget and favourable features of beginners.

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Best Telescope under 200 Conclusions

As seen earlier, the choice that was picked as the best telescope under 200 to purchase in this review is the celestron powerseeker 127 EQ telescope. This is because it has a number of favourable features for beginners in astronomy and also is competitively priced to fit the pockets of most astronomers who have a tight budget and are just starting their interest and quest in astronomy. The above mentioned telescope can be a good start for astronomers to be and can actually offer good training in observing the sky and its heavenly bodies. Therefore in winding up, we can look at some of the ways you could use this or any of your telescope and the importance it has in general below:

  • Telescopes see fine details. There are very many things that our naked eyes are limited not to see. Take for example the heavenly bodies, without the assistance from telescopes, it would be hard to view and observe the fine details that they have. See planets and stars are millions and millions of kilometers away from us. The only way we would be able to view them clearly is through the use of telescopes. Jupiter’s red spot or eye and Saturn’s rings for example can’t be viewed by just looking at them with naked eyes. That is where the telescopes come in handy. They zoom and magnify the heavenly bodies so that we can view them in the finest of details possible.
  • Telescopes can record observations with cameras. As much as we may have good memories after seeing stuff, not everyone would believe what you see by just word of mouth. You might have discovered something spectacular in the sky that would require relevant attention but don’t have the proof to show that you saw it. Telescopes would come in this case to vindicate you and act as your witness as you can record what you see for future reference. You could even make money out of this since scientists are always willing to cough good money just because of discoveries like these.

Therefore as seen above, telescopes are very important instruments that help us to appreciate nature and its parts. With them, we can be able to view and observe the sky and its bodies and also things that would have rather been impossible to observe with human naked eyes. Again you have seen that they can also help you make money if you observe something that is worth being bought by pros. You can therefore acquire your very own starter telescope and proceed slowly into also becoming a pro who can be counted as an astronomer.


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Buying advice


We encourage you to read our Telescope buying guide.

When finally deciding to buy your telescope, there are a number of factors that you should consider. However, these factors should be bound to your needs and preferences and not what the market states. Your objectives for buying a telescope should top the list of the reasons that back your buying. Unfortunately the mistake that most people make when purchasing just about anything is considering the market arguments and advice. In fact, most market arguments and advice may be false and not actually helpful. They may tend to influence your mind without providing ready facts.

You should therefore get the right facts first before considering on what to buy and what not to buy. Use your knowledge and that which you acquire to make decisive choices on the best telescope under 200 you would want. Again this is tied on the price point that the telescope is being sold at. After considering the price, you should also consider the features that the products have. As a beginner you might have learnt earlier that products with less features are best if you aim at learning and gaining experience gradually.

All in all, this review should have been quite helpful to you in case you are stuck on what to decide on buying in regards to telescopes.



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