Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope Review

Are you a fascinated by the outerspace? 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope is the perfect scope for you to start your amateur astronomy adventure on. The manufacturer, Celestron has been in this field for over 50 glorious years and you can expect this telescope to deliver. This telescope parks enough power to help you explore the amazing night sky like never before. Currently, this scope is among the most sought after telescopes today. This review is going to explore why this telescope is such a hotcake.

Key features


The  EQ PowerSeeker Telescope is feature rich. Despite being regarded as a midrange telescope, its top tier features almost puts it in contest with the big boys. What do you think is the most notable feature of this scope? No need to guess, check this list.


  • This is a Newtonian style reflector telescope. These types of telescopes are well known for delivering high quality images.


  • Moreover, with this telescope you don’t need to worry about setup and assembly. This is because it is assembly-free. All you need to do is screw the telescope on the aluminum tripod stand. The scope is fairly lightweight so this won’t take much effort from you.


  • Are you the type of person who likes perfection? Would you like to document what you see? The Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope comes with extra eyepieces that you can swap for a better experience. If you want to mount a camera on your telescope there are several T-rings
    available to facilitate that.


  • This telescope offers accurate and fluid
    tracking motion thanks to its Robust German Equatorial mount. This mount gives
    you the ability to control both axes. This makes your exploring experience much
    easier and more fascinating. Wouldn’t you like that?


  • All the lenses in this scope are fully glass and are treated to offer superior optical characteristics. In addition to this, the lenses are fully coated with high-transmission reflective aluminum. With this in place, the telescope is able to deliver amazingly sharp images.


  • The Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope has excellent focal length and an aperture that greatly contributes to it’s exemplary performance. At an aperture of 5 inches (127mm) the telescope is able to gather enough light to highly clarify distant obscured celestial objects. Furthermore, the 39.97 inches (1000mm) focal length makes it possible to obtain sharper
    views even for distant objects. 


  • The lenses power, the lenses found within this telescope are perhaps its most interesting feature. Each of the lenses inside this scope possesses great magnification capabilities and together, these lenses are unstoppable. To begin with, there is a 20mm lens that offers a 50x magnification and then follows a 4mm lens that offers a 250x magnification. Lastly, there is a Barlow lens that offers a 3x magnification. The Barlow lens increases the magnification of each of the two lenses three times. You now will be getting a 150x magnification from the 20mm lens and a 750x magnification from the 4mm magnification. This combination of lenses is what makes the  Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope great. 


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Great value for the price:

If you have a phobia against cheap stuff, you should realize that this is not cheap as compared to other midlevel telescopes out there. What makes this one stand out in particular is the amazing amount of features it packs compared to its competitors at the same price point. This telescope basically packs some of the features you expect from a scope thrice its price or more.


Easy to use: 

There is a reason why this telescope has a lot of traction among amateur astronomers. The reason is that it’s totally easy to use. Actually you don’t have to have used a telescope before to use this one. You can just walk to it and figure it out within a minute or two. Furthermore, fitting the tripod stand, camera or swapping eyepieces is pretty easy too.


Convenient to travel with:

I can’t really say that it comes in a fairly small case because it’s not small, neither is it large. The Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope comes in a fairly convenient case that you can carry around in your cars cargo area or hand without any problem. This means that if you are a traveller, then this telescope would be good company. You can enjoy different night sky exploration from different corners of the world without strain.


Excellent performance:

Another reason why this telescope stands out is its stellar performance. The quality of the experience that this telescope delivers is life changing. You can be sure to fall in love with this scope as soon as you use it. The image clarity is good, the distance is on point and the experience is unmatched. 


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Just like any other Newtonian Reflector, collimation is part of the practice. Collimation is generally a good practice and it may help you avoid the cost of buying new eyepieces every now and then. The challenge here is that collimation has a very steep curve and may take more than a few practices to get it right. Watching tutorial videos and practicing using step-by-step guides might actually reduce your learning time to a considerable amount. If this still proves difficult for you, you might seek an instructor to help you familiarize with the process faster. Once you learn this you have nothing to worry about.


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Review Summary


Generally, I can easily term this scope as the best option when it comes to affordable telescope. While doing this Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope review I was honestly fascinated by what this scope could deliver. I got to explore the night sky without any hustle or fuss associated with some other models in the market. I even did a bit of traveling just because I was excited by its delivery and I wanted to experience more of this telescope. There is also a 2-year long warranty on this scope and that is just a guarantee that it will not disappoint you. 

Finally, I encourage you to read or buying guide where you could learn more about telescopes and our article of the best telescopes under 200. 

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