Gskyer AZ70400 Travel Refractor Telescope Review

It can be quite overwhelming experience if you are stepping into the art of stargazing for the very first time. You’ll probably come across overly complicated telescopes, confusing accessories and hidden features that make the process of getting started quite difficult. The balance between performance and price are two vital factors you should consider before deciding to buy a telescope. Fortunately, the Gskyer travel refractor telescope, manages to do precisely that- it comes at an affordable price and its high-quality piece.

Gskyer AZ70400 Travel refractor telescope key features


Optical Capabilities:

The Gskyer AZ70400 travel refractor telescope offers to discover not just the elements far beyond the reach of our naked eyes but also for outdoor exploration. Furthermore, this refracting telescope comes with a 400 focal length, a 70mm aperture and a focal ratio of f/5.7. The 70mm aperture gives a maximum of times 120 magnifications. Also, the lenses are designed using multi-layered glass and a shiny green coating that helps increase the brightness of the celestial objects.

This unit comes with 10mm and 25 mm eyepieces that provide enough power for best standard viewing. But also present limited optical capabilities. Also, the 10mm eyepiece will give you a 40X magnification while the 25mm will give 16X magnification. Even though these lenses won’t give you the view of distant planets and stars, you can always purchase additional supplementary lenses. For example, lens of 20mm, 12.5 mm and 6mm to ensure that you get a clear view of the distant planets.


Material and Design:  

The Gskyer AZ70400 is designed explicitly for starters. And, it’s simple to assemble and disassemble. The telescope comes with a durable carrying case that ensures that the telescope and its accessories are protected. The eyepieces are easy to mount and take off. And the glass optics on the lenses have a coating that automatically adjusts to the brightness of the stars. So you can have a better view of the planets and stars for longer without causing damage to your eyes. In addition, the 3X Barlow lens has an anti-reflection blue film to ensure continuous light path along with double the magnifying power for every single eyepiece.

Finally, the altazimuth tripod is made using an aluminum alloy to ensure maximum durability and reliability. 


Convenience and ease of use:

The focuser uses a standard rack-and-pinion system. So, the lenses are swapped to allow easy fine-tuning to produce crystal clear image. Also, planets, stars, and other moving celestial objects can easily get out of sight for those unfamiliar with navigating the skies and astronomical locations. However, to counter this, the Gskyer AZ70400 is equipped with a slow-motion lever, and the altazimuth mount allows the user to track moving celestial objects. The aluminum tripod is augmented with a vibration pad to prevent possible wobble when one moves the lever or the rack-and-pinion system.



Setting up this unit takes anywhere from 10-25 minutes. Even those without astronomical equipment experience, there is a step by step guide that makes setting up the telescope quite fast and easy.

Many of the Gskyer’s competitors in the same specs and price range are overly complicated. They include too many components that make the assembly process quite frustrating and for anyone new into the world of planet and stargazing the complications make assembly a painful job.



The affordability of this refracting telescope makes it a perfect choice for beginners who want a good balance between quality and price. If you are looking to explore beyond the blue skies without reaching deeper in the pockets, then Gskyer AZ70400 is perfect for you. Despite being cheap, other alternative brands on the market with the same specifications as this stargazing unit cost as twice as much.



What most starter astronomers love about this Gskyer product is the 1-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Yes, if you purchase this product, you will get free service or replacement in case it becomes defective in 12 months from purchase date.


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What Makes Gskyer AZ70400 Ideal for Beginners? Here’s an overview


• It is compact and portable

• Assembly is simple and beginner friendly, unlike other brands that are often difficult for beginners to put together.

• The optical capabilities and the visual resolution are top tiers for such a low price telescope.

• The magnifying power of a telescope is calculated by dividing the aperture diameter by the focal length. The Gskyer AZ70400 travel refractor telescope has a 70mm aperture diameter and a 400 focal length which results in high-resolution images.


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• The Gskyer AZ70400 is affordable- offers great value for the money.

• The overall assembly process is simple and straightforward such that anyone without prior experience with a telescope can easily assemble. 

• The instructions manual comes with a step by step picture guide to enable the user to resolve any confusing text. 

• The tripod, accessories and the telescope itself are light and comfortably fit in a travel case for easy transportation. 

• The 25mm, 10mm, and the 3x Barlow lens offer varying level of magnifications.

• With a maximum magnification of X120, you will get clear images of the planets, stars, the moon, and other celestial bodies.

• The telescope is easily customizable using additional accessories to enhance the unit optical ability.


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• Even though it’s affordable, the Gskyer AZ70400 Travel Refractor telescope isn’t the best telescope.

• Without customization, the optical capabilities is limited to viewing only large celestial objects. Planets, moon, and some bigger stars are easily seen using this telescope but don’t expect to see finer details.

• While the instruction manual that comes included is helpful with assembly, it falls short of information and does not included information on the lens and other accessories provided.

• There is no outline of the optimal times or the viewing capabilities that would allow the user to maximize the unit potential.

• Since the tripod is made from aluminum, it offers poor stability and can be easily knocked over which could result to damaging the telescope.

• The eyepieces are made of plastic and susceptible to light pollution.


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While the Gskyer travel refractor telescope offers a satisfying stargazing experience when compared to other brands, it has some drawbacks. However, what the telescope offers exceeds the highlighted drawbacks above. With an overall 4.2 out of 5-star rating from over 300 customer reviews on, this telescope is worth investing especially if you’re diving into the world of astronomy. You will also be getting a one year warranty and lifetime maintenance from the manufacturer.

Finally, we encourage you to read our buying guide and our best telescope under 200 report.

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